The Ultimate 2016 Shanghai Summer Camps Guide

Your ultimate camps guide for the summer in Shanghai.

By Urban Family, May 11, 2016 14:27

Giving Migrant Students a Stepping Stone

Teaching English to a population in need.

By Alyssa Wieting, May 03, 2016 13:27

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Giving your child a foundation in education is key.

By Trisha Ferguson, Apr 19, 2016 15:27

Group On: Using WeChat to Engage Parents

WeChat is quickly becoming many parents number one resource.

By Lena Gidwani, Mar 01, 2016 15:05

Are Schools Being Run Too Much Like Businesses?

The pursuit of perfection comes at a cost.

By Lena Gidwani, Mar 01, 2016 15:04

I, Robot: Teaching Students Life Skills

Exploring the role of robotics in the classroom.

By Lena Gidwani, Mar 01, 2016 15:02

Girl Talk: The Quest for Equal Education Rights

Less than 50 percent of girls who graduate from primary school complete secondary education in China.

By Lena Gidwani, Mar 01, 2016 14:58

The Boom of International Schools

International Schools are drastically gaining in popularity

By Anna Myers, Feb 23, 2016 14:47

"East vs West" Education

A look into the new documentary Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School.

By Janie Dong, Feb 22, 2016 14:18

Student Spotlight: Hajira Kamran

The 17-year-old student director who is no stranger to fashion and the limelight.

By Alice Wang, Feb 18, 2016 13:53

Student Spotlight: Grace He

A girl making her mark designing fashionable pieces whilst still at school.

By Alice Wang, Feb 18, 2016 13:47

Student Roundtable: Fashion

What pupils think of personal style.

By Alice Wang, Feb 18, 2016 11:56

The Importance of Dual Language for Young Learners

A look at dual language learning in Early Years

By Kate Beith, Feb 15, 2016 14:35

What Music Can Do for Your Child's Mind

What Can the Magic of Music Do for Your Child’s Cognitive and Emotional Well-being?

By Dr. Nate Balfanz, Feb 01, 2016 14:19

The Fun Way To Learn Chinese

App your way to better Mandarin.

By Urban Family, Dec 24, 2015 19:30

Urban Family's Tested Advice: Vaccinations

Remember to check expiration dates!

By Urban Family, Dec 24, 2015 19:30

Free Dance Class for Kids

Want to get your kids moving? Are your children interested in hip-hop, ballet or jazz? This dance studio is welcoming children of all ages to experience dance in all its forms and join in on a free first dance class!

By Urban Family, Dec 24, 2015 19:30

CCTV news anchor creates children's book

Neela Eyunni, a CCTV news anchor based in Beijing publishes her first book.

By Urban Family, Dec 24, 2015 19:30

An Unforgettable Experience: Sailing Camp for Children!

The Beijing Sailing Center offers affordable summer camps for children to learn about the sport of sailing. This is a great chance for your children to get away from the city, learn valuable skills, make new friends and have fun.

By Urban Family, Dec 24, 2015 19:30

Youth Hockey Program Beijing Recruiting Now!

Center Ice Asia starts it's very own youth hockey program

By Urban Family, Dec 24, 2015 19:30

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